The Symbol of Cuban Excellence – Montecristo

If a cigar brand becomes a standard that other cigars must be judged against, then there must be little doubt about its authority. But Montecristo is more than just a standard of quality; it has become the symbol of Cuban excellence.

A relative newcomer when compared to 19th-century giants like H. Upmann and Partagas, Montecristo had a humble beginning in the first half of the 20th century. Its legend began when the Menendez family acquired a lesser-known Cuban cigar unit, and introduced it as its flagship brand. Its name itself has an interesting history of origin. Cuban cigar factories have a long history of having a “reader” who reads papers and books to the cigar rollers to keep their spirits high at their wonderful but monotonous job. As the story goes, the rollers of the old factory had a favorite that they always asked the reader to read to them; “The Count of Monte Cristo”. Menendez chose the name to honor the rollers and their choice and also added the six rapiers to the logo, of which there is plenty of talk in the novel. And thus, the world’s favorite cigar brand was born.

Montecristo has been the best-selling cigar in Cuba for almost every year since its inception, and its quality, aromas, and creative blends are to be “blamed” for that. Made long-filler, with tobaccos from the Vuelta Abajo region, these cigars offer their numerous die-hard fans a taste and experience that, to them, is irreplaceable. With one of the most diverse rosters of vitolas, Montecristo offers one for everyone. 

Such is its following in the cigar circles that it is said to the connoisseurs while choosing a stick to smoke: “Whenever in doubt, just ask for Montecristo No. 2”.

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