Cuban Cigars are known to be the very best cigars in the market. These cigars stand out because they are made from high quality materials and a lot of care and attention goes into the making of every single cigar. In fact, it has been estimated that it takes over one hundred steps to properly produce a single hand rolled Cuban cigar. We’ve recently started to serve cigars on private and corporate events; according to the customer’s requirement and our availability in stock, any desired Cigar box can be chosen from our available brands to be served at an event. There are four different setups/arrangements we provide:

Bar Service

We can keep an electronic humidor at the bar or it can be placed at any counter that suits the event’s setup. We would then allow the guests to choose the cigars they desire and our trained cigar server will cut and light it up for them. This service with one cigar server will cost (PKR 15000) plus the cost of desired cigar boxes. With two servers this will cost (PKR 25000). The counter or the stall will not be provided by us.

Trolley/Tray Service

This service allows our professional cigar servers to serve cigars in trays with all the necessary equipment required. We shall provide 2 servers who will go around and serve cigars to the guests. This would be similar to the “plated” service in the culinary terms. If need be then a trolley with the equipment can be used instead of the trays. This service will include an electronic Humidor and a small counter for our setup. This costs (PKR 30,000) plus the cost of the desired cigar boxes.

Full fledged Stall

This service will include a full stall/counter setup provided by us. An electronic humidor, ashtrays, cigar cutters and promotional material will be placed on the counter. This stall can be placed as per the requirement of the event setup. If required, the server will go around with all the necessary equipment and cut, light and serve cigars to the guests. Minimum of two cigar servers will be provided. This costs (PKR 40,000) plus the cost of the desired boxes.

Full-fledged stall with a professional cigar roller

This service includes everything in package ‘3’ plus a cigar roller especially flown in from Cuba. The cigar roller will roll fresh Cuban cigars live at the event and serve it to the guests. The art of live Cigar rolling is a phenomenal experience and a treat to watch in itself. The cost of this service will be determined on the dates and location of the event.