Intense and Iconic – Partagas

Intense, complex, and mysterious; some unique characters of the Cuban and Afro-Latin culture are embodied in Partagas. 

Known for its intense flavour, depth and impeccable reputation, Partagas is one of the six major global brands of Habanos. Fuerte -or strong – is how its strength is characterised. Often the brand is recommended to more seasoned smokers, or to connoisseurs who prefer their cigars bold. The iconic band, the classy packaging and the dashing persona are all the things that make this cigar brand a favourite among many aficionados in the world. 

Launched in 1845, by Don Jaime, a Cuban visionary of Catalan origins, Partagas is one of the oldest and most prestigious brands of the world. Jaime worked his way to the top of Cuban society and bought many plantations across the lucrative Vuelta Abajo region. Being a plantation owner and a man of taste, he quickly distinguished the products of the Partagas factory that he had set up, with the unique blends he used. A man known to be behind many innovations to the industry that are practised to this day, he was the first one to hire lectors to read to his cigar rollers. 

The brand offers a wide range of Vitolas and blends, that all live up to what is expected of Partagas. In recent times, one of the most sold regular cigars of the Cuban industry, the Partagas Serie D, is a star of its offerings. In addition to the classic totally made-by-hand cigars, the brand also offers mini and club cigarillos, both of which are machine-made.

Profound, rich, and sophisticated, the taste of a Partagas cigar is bold and memorable. This season, if you are looking for something that complements the noir mood of Pakistan’s winter nights, opt for a Partagas!