One of its kind Cuban Masterpiece – Romeo y Julieta

A brand with one of the most robust fan bases across the Habanos portfolio, Romeo y Julieta is mysterious, aromatic, and historically significant. The gold medals, the literary flair, or the Churchill connection, Romeo y Julieta’s claims to fame are many. But to its most ardent followers, it’s the balanced taste and its guaranteed display of perfection that make Romeo y Julieta a one-of-its-kind Cuban masterpiece. 

Born in 1875, at the hands of two Cuban visionaries of Spanish descent, Inocencio Alvarez and Manin García, the brand was named after Willliam Shakespeare’s immortal tragedy, Romeo and Juliet. Thanks to its exceptional blends and craftsmanship, the brand was a star from its inception and won numerous gold medals in tasting exhibitions across the globe. But it was really after Jose “Pepin” Rodriguez acquired the brand that it became a global sensation. A cosmopolitan man, and a race-horse owner, Pepin was a marketing genius too, and also the first man to actively display the brand’s gold medals on cigar rings. Pepin had wealthy acquaintances around the world, towards whom he personally promoted his brand with personalized cigars. The result was a truly global Habanos brand with a following of the who’s who.

Sir Winston Churchill was one of the die-hard fans of the brand, and after his 1946 visit to Havana, a vitola of the brand was named after him, which is now immortalized as one of Habanos’ official vitolas, by the name of Churchill. Churchill has become Romeo y Julieta’s flagship vitola, with its close relatives introduced as Short Churchill (2006) and Wide Churchill (2010).

Romeo y Julieta offers one of the widest and most robust ranges across the Habanos portfolio, all of which feature two things for sure; the balanced aromatic blends of tobacco, picked exclusively from the Vuelta Abajo region, and the illustrious legacy of one of the most famous Cuban brands in the world. 

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