Cohiba – Crown Jewel of Cuban Cigars


For almost every object of some prestige, there is one brand name that defines the epitome of its existence. There are the Rolexes, Rolls Royces and Cartiers of the world, and then there is Cohiba. Ask any person around the world about the distinction of a Cuban cigar – and the brand they associate it with – and they will without hesitation proclaim; “Cohiba”. 

Hefty price tags, elegant boxes, exceptional attention and with all the glitz and glamor in between, Cohiba is the crown jewel of Cuban cigar industry and with that honor; of the world of tobacco as well. But what is it that makes this brand the best cigar that your money can buy on the planet, what has made it the most sought-after smoking product for almost half a century now and why do connoisseurs and regular smokers still swear by it? Is this quality at play or just a marketing gimmick? Let’s find out!

Cohiba is the word the native Tainos – the original inhabitants of Cuba – used to describe the rolled tobacco leaves they used to smoke. When Columbus invaded these islands, he found the “Indians” smoking their Cohibas that they so fondly crafted from the carefully cultivated tobacco plant. Fast forward to many centuries later, when the last Cuban revolution saw Fidel Castro and his men the new leaders of the Island nation, Cuba was already the epicenter of the world’s cigar industry. The revolution changed the global cigar industry forever. With all the cigar houses taken over by the state, almost all the affluent leaders of the cigar industry fled Cuba. Agricultural reforms were their priority, but the Castro government had one specific industry in focus: cigars. Castro, like most of his men, was an avid cigar smoker himself and saw it as the cornerstone of imports of the country. Years passed, witnessing many ups and downs of the Cuban cigar industry until 1966; one of the most monumental years for cigar aficionados. This was the year Cohiba was created, as a cigar production unit, catering exclusively to Castro. The only Cohibas present around the world were the ones gifted to global luminaries as personal gifts from Fidel. It all changed in 1982, when Cohiba was unveiled to the world as a prestigious, limited-supply cigar brand, established in the famous El Laguito factory. The rest, as they say, is history. 

What makes Cohibas so sought-after, is their exclusivity, quality and craftsmanship. Made totally by hand, these cigars are the only Cuban cigars that use additional fermentation of the tobacco. This is what gives Cohiba its unique aroma and taste that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. The house offers three regular cigar lines with multiple Edición Limitada releases. Being the most popular cigar brand, Cohiba is the most counterfeited cigar as well. 

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