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Trinidad Esmeralda Cigars

The Trinidad Esmeralda is a great success: an evening aspect combined with a classicism that will seduce even the most demanding connoisseurs. Upon lighting, the Robusto exhales a nice volume of fragrant smoke. It is essentially woody, then flavors of roasted coffee with hints of roasted almonds develop.

Trinidad Fundadores Cigars

Trinidad Fundadores cigars are made from the best fillers, wrappers and binder leaves on the market. The body has a beautiful structure and little oil that displays the top quality hand-made work of this brand. The tobacco is produced in the fine Vuelta Abajo area and the overall strength of the taste is medium. The smoking time of this cigar is 45-60 minutes and the flavor palette features spice, sweetness and natural tobacco. Ring Size : 40 Shape : Double Corona Strength : Medium Length : 7.6

Trinidad Media Luna Cigars

You can expect a medium-bodied flavour from this cigar – just as Trinidad is known for. It provides a sweet, nutty smoke with a woody finish.  

Trinidad Reyes 12 Cigars

Buy Trinidad Reyes Sbn-B Cigars. Ring Size : 40 Shape : Petit Corona Strength : 3 Length : 4.3

Trinidad Short 10 Cigars

A nice little cigar with the creamy and delicate flavours of Trinidad. A perfect little companion for moments of great intensity.

Trinidad Topes Cigars

This Cuban cigar is pretty hefty – as it measures at 125mm by a 56 ring gauge. It’s one of the thickest smokes in the Trinidad family.It provides a medium-bodied smoke, with tangy and woody notes – and a hint of freshness.

Trinidad Vigia Cigars

The much anticipated Trinidad Vigia is the first new size in this marque to be introduced in many years.The cigars, complete with their usual distinctive pigtails, are presented in SBN varnished boxes of 12 and boast an impressive 54 ring gauge, the heaviest girth to be found on any Trinidad cigar since the launch of the brand in 1998. This stogie is appreciated buy aficionados around the world. Ring Size : 54 Shape : Robusto Strength : 3 Length : 4