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Ramon Allones Club Allones 10 Cigars LE 2015

Visually, the cigar is endowed with a wonderful golden ring. The maduro's wrapper harmoniously envelops a dense filler wherein the tobacco has been aged for 2 years. Lighting is easy, and the rich smoke offers a bouquet of precious woods and spices. The next third of the cigar is stronger as the scent of roasted coffee intensifies. The final third ends with a fine long taste. An interesting Havana cigar which develops its excellent potential over time. A 2015 Limited edition. Ring Size: 47 Length: 5.3 Shape:  Double Corona Strength: 4

Ramon Allones Gigantes Cigars

Ring Size : 49 Shape : Double Corona Strength : 4 Length : 7.6

Ramon Allones No 2 Cigars 2019 LE

Ring Size : 52 Shape : Piramide Strength : Hard Length : 5.5

Ramon Allones Small Club Coronas

An exciting Petit Corona, loaded with character. This is a medium-full bodied cigar, rich in wood and coffee flavours. It Smokes evenly and can be considered as a companion cigar for the more experienced aficionado. Attractive perfumes in a thick, aromatic smoke. Resounding notes of herbs, dried fruits, and assorted nuts. The company of tastes falls well on the palate. These stogies behave smoothly and have great balance which makes them age with perfect grace. Take these to a smoking club or smoke them on a walk in the countryside, the pleasure of the ingredients is enough to get lost in for the rest of the afternoon Ring Size : 42 Shape : Petit Corona Strength : 4 Length : 4.3

Ramon Allones Specially Selected

Ring Size : 50 Shape : Robusto Strength : 4 Length : 4.8

Ramon Allones Superiores Cigars

Ring Size : 46 Shape : Double corona Strength : 4 Length : 5.6