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Paratagas Habaneros

This small Panatella has a beautiful smooth wrapper and a perfect filling. It is easy to light, it has good balance in the draw and its strong flavour is instantly perceptible. At first there are hints of wood with suggestions of undergrowth (humus, mushrooms) which gradually give way to more roasted flavours like coffee and spices like pepper. Altogether the flavour is harmonious marked into the mouth. Ring Size : 39 Shape : Petit Coronas Strength : 4 Length : 4.9 Quantity :25

Partagas 8 9 8 VAR CAB Cigars

Ring Size : 43 Shape : Corona Strength :Hard Length : 6.6

Partagas Aristocats Cigars

  • Ring Size:40
  • Length; 5
  • Shape: Petit Corona
  • Strength:4

Partagas Coronas Gordas Anejados 2017 LE

Partagas Coronas Gordas Anejados Cigars : The Partagas Coronas Gordas is the fourth release from the new AÑEJADOS or AGED concept from Habanos s.a. Not only is the vitola new to the Partagas brand measuring 5 5/8“ (142mm) x 46 ring gauge, the cigars have been box aged for between 5 to 8 years in the perfect humidity conditions of Cuba. This will afford the cigars a mellower, more refined taste as the blend of the leaves meld together over time realizing their full potential. The cigars are presented in dressed boxes of 25 and carry a second band to identify that they are AÑEJADOS. There is also a sticker on the box lid and like other Habanos Specialities, supply is limited to the quantity initially laid down to age. Ring Size: 46 Length: 5.5 Shape: Double Corona Strength: 4

Partagas Coronas Senior

An affordable smoke to get introduced to Partagas brand. It is slightly shorter than a Corona.Great Partagas flavor, nice spicy draw, even burn and medium strength. Inside the good looking tube, you can find a quality cigar for a good price. You can't go wrong with Partagas. Ring Size : 42 Shape : Petit Corona Strength : 3 Length : 5

Partagas Culebras Cigars

Ring Size : 39 Shape : Double Corona Strength : 3 Length : 5.7

Partagas Deluxe Cigars

Ring Size : 40 Shape : Corona Strength : 4 Length : 5.1

Partagas Lustitanias Cigars

Ring Size : 49 Shape : Doube Corana Strength : 3 Length : 7.6

Partagas Maduro No 1 Cigars LE

Ring Size : 52 Shape : Robusto Extra Strength : Medium to Hard Length : 5.1

Partagas Mille Fleurs Cigars

This is a medium strength Cuban Cigar. A very thin and handy cigar easy to smoke. If you are a fan of short smokes, the Partagas Mille Fleurs is the perfect cigar for you. For many cigar aficionados, this cigar is one of the best daily smokes you will come across.The most affordable Partagas in a handmade edition, it is the best value for money. Ring Size : 42 Shape : Petit Coronas Strength : 3 Length : 5

Partagas Mini 20 Cigars

Ring Size: 19 Length: 2.2 Shape: Cigarillo Strength: 3

Partagas Serie Club

The the smaller cigars from Partagas , is the serie club. They have been produced with the same tobacco used in the larger vitolas from the Partagas brand. There are 20 in a box and can be stored for easy convenience in your pocket. Ring Size: 22 Length: 3.8 Shape: Cigarillo Strength: 3

Partagas Serie D NO.6

  • RING SIZE: 50
  • LENGTH: 3.5
  • SHAPE: Petit Robousto

Partagas Serie E No.2 Cigars

These beauties come in a Robusto extra shape, a short to medium length and a gauge size of 54. The exterior shows the experience of the premium hand-made craftsmanship, displaying a rich dark brown and an impeccable touch. The strength of the cigar is medium to full. The tobacco used comes from the famous Vuelta Abajo region and the note palette displays subtle hints of spice and sweetness. The cigar reveals complex personality of the taste and a unique experience. Ring Size : 54 Shape : Robusto Extra Strength : 4 Length : 5.5

Partagas Serie Mini Cigars

Ring Size: 19 Length: 2.2 Shape: Cigarillo Strength: 3

Partagas Serie P No.2 Cigars

That Cigar is one of Pakistan's favorite Cuban piramide. Is a wonderful and complex medium Habano with superb construction and excellent Vuelta Abajo tobacco blend. It packs the usual Partagas flavors in an elegant torpedo shaped stogie. In its hip black-andred tube, it's a great cigar to have in your pocket for one of those spontaneous moments that call for a big and juicy Habanos. Ring Size : 52 Shape : Piramide Strength : 5 Length : 6.1  

Partagas Serie Puritos 5

Ring Size: 27 Length: 4.3 Shape: Cigarillo Strength: 3

Partagas Series D No.4 Cigars

This Cigar is a flawless blend of nuts, roasted-coffee and even vegetables. It produces sweet cedar aromas and just smelling the wrapper is an experience. The D No. 4 is all about the smoothness and complex flavor; with an amazing aftertaste. Ring Size: 50 Length: 4.8 Shape: Robusto Strength: 4

Partagas Series D No.5 Cigars

Buy Partagas Series D No.5 Cigars. Ring Size : 50 Shape :  Petit Robusto Strength : 4 Length : 4.3

Partagas Series No.1 2017 Limited Edition

“Nobility”, is the production name of the new Partagás series No.1 from the Edición Limitada 2017. There is no trace of bitterness during the tasting of this perfectly constructed cigar. The aged tobacco, produces a harmonious and subtle evolution. Leather and spice notes intermingle very elegantly when you taste the divine. The powerful and captivating finish will fully satisfy the discerning aficionado. The format “Nobleza” was completely redeveloped and appears here for the first time in this Partagas assortment. Ring Size: 52 Length: 5.4 Shape: Robusto Strength: 5

Partagas Shorts Cigars

Ring Size: 42 Length: 4.3 Shape: Corona Strength: Medium

Partagas Super Partagas Cigars

Ring Size: 40 Length: 5.5 Shape: Corona Strength: Medium