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Cohiba Behike 52 Cigars

Ring Size : 46 Shape : Robusto Strength : Medium to Hard Length : 4

Cohiba Talisman-2017 LE

Ring Size : 54 Shape : Piramide Strength : 4 Length : 6.2

Diplomaticos Ammuntion 10 Cigars LE

With a rather shocking name, the ammunition comes in a Geniales Vitola. With a a ring gauge of 54 x 150 mm. The name is inspired in the thrill and excitement that poker players or hunters feel when they succeed. This is a homage to success. As the feeling of lighting a great cigar, is very similar to  the feeling of success
  • RING SIZE: 54
  • LENGTH: 5.9

Hoyo De Monterrey Hermosos No 4 Anejados 2017

Ring Size: 48 Length: 5 Shape: Robusto Strength: 3

HUpmann Magnum 56 25 cigars 2015 LE

The Magnum 56 immediately imposes itself as a success. The dark and oily cigar wrapper embellishes this impotent vitola brilliantly. The first puffs are round and creamy, the leather is embellished with more earthy tones pleasantly caressing the palate. The power takes over, the initial lighter notes give way to a dominance of nuts and leather. More peppery notes enhance its personality during the final third. This is undoubtedly a full and generous vitola. It will surely become a true icon of the Habanos Limited Editions Ring Size: 56 Length: 5.9 Shape: Robusto Extra Strength: 3

HUpmann Propios Cigars 2018 LE

Ring Size: 46 Length: 4.7 Shape: Corona Strength: Light To Medium

HUpmann Robustos Anejados 2017

The most recent discharge (2017) in the H.Upmann Anejados arrangement. It was rolled and matured in its container for 5 to 8 years. Smooth smoke with awesome wood and sweetness. Light to Medium stogie, not excessively unpredictable, but rather an incredible H.Upmann. One of the best of the Anejados arrangement. Ring Size: 50 Length: 4.9 Shape: Robusto Strength: 4

HUpmann Sir Winston Cabnet LE

The H.Upmann Sir Winston, is an incredible, exceptional and complex Julieta. It may be one of the best Habanos out there, and a champion among the most engaging. The Sir Winston is a to some degree strong stogie, coasting among medium and full body keep running towards the completion of the smoke, it is furthermore heavenly and complex. Its optimal improvement gives you the entertainment to focus on the typical Cuban flavors, cream, wood, dull coffee, seasons and cooked aromas among other. A perfect stogie for a social affair or an exceptional dinner. An outright need take a stab at any Habanos aficionado Ring Size : 47 Shape : Churchill Strength : 4 Length : 6.9

Montecristo Churchills Anejados 25 Cigars

Ring Size: 47 Length: 7 Shape: Churchill Strength: 4

Montecristo Double Edmendu Cigars 2018 LE (Travel Humidor)

Ring Size : 50 Shape : Robusto Extra Strength : Medium To Hrad Length : 6.1

Montecristo Linea 1935 Dumas Cigars

This Dumas, coming from the "Linea 1935" series, is wrapped in a silky, perfectly stretched cape. After being easily lit, the palate is invaded by a beautiful woody flavor, followed by sweet roasting notes. The second third, still well balanced, brings creamy flavors, with hints of slightly honeyed dried fruits. The final third is very rounded and well balanced, to arrive at a generous final bouquet and a beautiful intensity. A real pleasure Ring Size: 49 Length: 5.1 Shape: Corona Extra Strength: 5

Montecristo Supremos (Limited Edition)

You can expect the typical Montecristo flavours from this smoke – with spicy, chocolaty, coffee notes – complemented with hints of leather. An extremely enjoyable medium-full bodied smoke! The Montecristo Supremos is presented inside a bright yellow lacquered box, containing a total of 25 fine Cuban cigars

Montecrsito Dantes Limited Edition 2016

This is a beautiful cigar, very rich and soft to the touch. The cigar is earthy and spicy, with creamy touches brilliantly matched with a full-bodied personality. This Count is rich in aroma, complex in flavour, but the overall effect will not overwhelm your palate as the potency remains well-balanced, with condensing aromas. The final result brings together the scent of coffee, cedar flavors and a well-rounded body, with panache and elegance. It is one to keep for many years, given its great potential for ageing. Ring Size: 48 Length: 6.5 Shape: Churchill Strength: 3

Partagas Coronas Gordas Anejados 2017 LE

Partagas Coronas Gordas Anejados Cigars : The Partagas Coronas Gordas is the fourth release from the new AÑEJADOS or AGED concept from Habanos s.a. Not only is the vitola new to the Partagas brand measuring 5 5/8“ (142mm) x 46 ring gauge, the cigars have been box aged for between 5 to 8 years in the perfect humidity conditions of Cuba. This will afford the cigars a mellower, more refined taste as the blend of the leaves meld together over time realizing their full potential. The cigars are presented in dressed boxes of 25 and carry a second band to identify that they are AÑEJADOS. There is also a sticker on the box lid and like other Habanos Specialities, supply is limited to the quantity initially laid down to age. Ring Size: 46 Length: 5.5 Shape: Double Corona Strength: 4

Partagas Maduro No 1 Cigars LE

Ring Size : 52 Shape : Robusto Extra Strength : Medium to Hard Length : 5.1

Partagas Serie Mini 20 Cigars 2018 LE Metal Case

Ring Size: 19 Length: 2.2 Shape: Cigarillo Strength: 3

Partagas Series No.1 2017 Limited Edition

“Nobility”, is the production name of the new Partagás series No.1 from the Edición Limitada 2017. There is no trace of bitterness during the tasting of this perfectly constructed cigar. The aged tobacco, produces a harmonious and subtle evolution. Leather and spice notes intermingle very elegantly when you taste the divine. The powerful and captivating finish will fully satisfy the discerning aficionado. The format “Nobleza” was completely redeveloped and appears here for the first time in this Partagas assortment. Ring Size: 52 Length: 5.4 Shape: Robusto Strength: 5

Punch Punch 48 (CDH+HS)

  • RING SIZE: 48
  • LENGTH: 5.5
  • SHAPE:Grand Corona

Punch Regios De Punch 2017 LE

Ring Size : 48 Shape : Robusto Strength : 4 Length : 4.7

Quai D Osray Senadores Cigars 2019 LE

Ring Size : 48 Shape : Double Corona Strength : Medium Length : 6

Ramon Allones Club Allones 10 Cigars LE 2015

Visually, the cigar is endowed with a wonderful golden ring. The maduro's wrapper harmoniously envelops a dense filler wherein the tobacco has been aged for 2 years. Lighting is easy, and the rich smoke offers a bouquet of precious woods and spices. The next third of the cigar is stronger as the scent of roasted coffee intensifies. The final third ends with a fine long taste. An interesting Havana cigar which develops its excellent potential over time. A 2015 Limited edition. Ring Size: 47 Length: 5.3 Shape:  Double Corona Strength: 4

Ramon Allones No 2 Cigars 2019 LE

Ring Size : 52 Shape : Piramide Strength : Hard Length : 5.5

Ramon Allones Sur

Ring Size: 52 Length: 5.5 Shape: Robusto Extra Strength: 4

Romeo Y Julieta Capuletos 2016 Cigar

Ring Size: 53 Length: 6 Shape: Robusto Extra Strength: 3

Romeo y Julieta Churchills Anejandos 2018 LE

  • RING SIZE: 52
  • LENGTH: 6.1