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HUpmann Connoisseur No. 1

Among the absolute best robustos, the H Upmann Connoisseur No. 1 is additionally less expensive than the other best stogies. Solid smell, extremely great tobacco taste and fulfilling smoke.The ideal decision for any mid year outside movement. This smoke is exceedingly suggested! It has unadulterated the conventional Cuban tobacco taste!
  • Ring Size : 48
  • Shape : Robusto
  • Strength : 2
  • Length : 5
  • Quantity : 25

HUpmann Coronas Major

The H.Upmann Coronas Major is an affordable and mild Habano. Ring Size : 42 Shape : Corona Strength : 4 Length : 5.1 Quantity : 25

HUpmann Half Corona

The H Upmann Half Corona is a standout amongst the most prominent stogies out of Cuba since it has been discharged in 2011. Its ordinary Cuban taste, its ideal development and moderate cost made it generally prevalent. Short stogie. Perfect for a snappy smoke even smoked at a casual pace. It is flawless on the off chance that you are in a rush and still need to appreciate a decent stogie Ring Size : 44 Shape : Petit Corona Strength : 2 Length : 3.5

HUpmann Magnum 46 Cigars

The H.Upmann Magnum 46 is a Cuban great, a rich and complex medium-full Coronas Gorda. It is a standout amongst the most prominent stogies of the brand with immense maturing potential, with a solid after. This Upmann has earned its own honors in the course of recent years, since 2003 the stogie has been appraised twice, each time scoring 92 Ring Size : 46 Shape : Double Corona Strength : 4 Length : 5.6

HUpmann Magnum 50

Ring Size: 50 Length: 6.2 Shape: Robusto Extra Strength: 4

HUpmann Magnum 54

  • RING SIZE: 54
  • LENGTH: 4.7
  • SHAPE: Robusto

HUpmann Magnum 56 25 cigars 2015 LE

The Magnum 56 immediately imposes itself as a success. The dark and oily cigar wrapper embellishes this impotent vitola brilliantly. The first puffs are round and creamy, the leather is embellished with more earthy tones pleasantly caressing the palate. The power takes over, the initial lighter notes give way to a dominance of nuts and leather. More peppery notes enhance its personality during the final third. This is undoubtedly a full and generous vitola. It will surely become a true icon of the Habanos Limited Editions Ring Size: 56 Length: 5.9 Shape: Robusto Extra Strength: 3

HUpmann Majestic

The H.Upmann Majestic is a superb Crema, an all around adjusted medium-full. This new configuration from H. Upmann is a solicitation to a short smoke of a charming mix, much refreshing in our advanced quick paced world. It is by and by a genuine Cuban puro, never excessively cruel, where the smells are great adjusted. Flawless decision when time is of the substance. Newcomers to Cuban stogies will appreciate it as much as prolonged stretch of time enthusiasts. Ring Size : 40 Shape : Corona Strength : 3 Length : 5.5

HUpmann Noellas Jar LCDH

Ring Size: 43 Length: 5.3 Shape: Corona Strength: Medium

HUpmann Propios Cigars 2018 LE

Ring Size: 46 Length: 4.7 Shape: Corona Strength: Light To Medium

HUpmann Robustos Anejados 2017

The most recent discharge (2017) in the H.Upmann Anejados arrangement. It was rolled and matured in its container for 5 to 8 years. Smooth smoke with awesome wood and sweetness. Light to Medium stogie, not excessively unpredictable, but rather an incredible H.Upmann. One of the best of the Anejados arrangement. Ring Size: 50 Length: 4.9 Shape: Robusto Strength: 4

HUpmann Royal Robustos 10 Cigars

Buy Royal Robusto Cigars. Ring Size : 52 Shape : Robusto Strength : 3 Length : 5.3

HUpmann Sir Winston Cabnet LE

The H.Upmann Sir Winston, is an incredible, exceptional and complex Julieta. It may be one of the best Habanos out there, and a champion among the most engaging. The Sir Winston is a to some degree strong stogie, coasting among medium and full body keep running towards the completion of the smoke, it is furthermore heavenly and complex. Its optimal improvement gives you the entertainment to focus on the typical Cuban flavors, cream, wood, dull coffee, seasons and cooked aromas among other. A perfect stogie for a social affair or an exceptional dinner. An outright need take a stab at any Habanos aficionado Ring Size : 47 Shape : Churchill Strength : 4 Length : 6.9

HUpmann Upmann NO.2

Ring Size: 52 Length: 6 Shape: Piramide Strength: 3