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Buena Vista Robustos Cigars

Originally made for the very discriminating premium Swiss market, and now available to all, Buena Vista cigars are handmade.
  • Ring Size : 54
  • Shape : Robusto
  • Strength : 3
  • Length : 5.3
  • Quantity : 10

Buena Vista Short Churchill Cigars

Buena Vista Short Churchill Cigars short cigar that still manages to look imposing due to its hefty ring gauge, Buena Vista Short Churchill is brimming with creamy and woody notes with a long sweet finish.
  • Ring Size : 54
  • Shape : Churchill
  • Strength : 3
  • Length : 4.3
  • Quantity : 10

Buena Vista Sublimes Cigars

The pepper is more dominant than in the rest of the Buena Vista range. More details... Mexican cigars. Buena Vista Reserva Petit Piramide. Box of 10 cigars.
  • Ring Size : 54
  • Shape : Toro
  • Strength : 3
  • Length : 6.5
  • Quantity : 10

Cohiba White Club

Ring Size: 22 Length: 3.8 Shape: Cigarillo Strength: 3

Cohiba White Mini

Cohiba White Mini: Cuban cigarillos are 100% Cuban tobacco produced in Cuba. The most common size for fine tobacco rods is the so-called mini-format. It is about 8.2 cm long and 7.6 mm thick, which corresponds to a smoking pleasure of approx. 10 minutes. Whenever the time for a cigar is too short, the hour of the cigarillos beats! Ring Size: 19 Length: 2.2 Shape: Cigarillo Strength: 3

Hoyo De Monterrey Hermosos No 4 Anejados 2017

Ring Size: 48 Length: 5 Shape: Robusto Strength: 3

HUpmann Magnum 50

Ring Size: 50 Length: 6.2 Shape: Robusto Extra Strength: 4

HUpmann Robustos Anejados 2017

The most recent discharge (2017) in the H.Upmann Anejados arrangement. It was rolled and matured in its container for 5 to 8 years. Smooth smoke with awesome wood and sweetness. Light to Medium stogie, not excessively unpredictable, but rather an incredible H.Upmann. One of the best of the Anejados arrangement. Ring Size: 50 Length: 4.9 Shape: Robusto Strength: 4

HUpmann Sir Winston Cabnet LE

The H.Upmann Sir Winston, is an incredible, exceptional and complex Julieta. It may be one of the best Habanos out there, and a champion among the most engaging. The Sir Winston is a to some degree strong stogie, coasting among medium and full body keep running towards the completion of the smoke, it is furthermore heavenly and complex. Its optimal improvement gives you the entertainment to focus on the typical Cuban flavors, cream, wood, dull coffee, seasons and cooked aromas among other. A perfect stogie for a social affair or an exceptional dinner. An outright need take a stab at any Habanos aficionado Ring Size : 47 Shape : Churchill Strength : 4 Length : 6.9

Montecristo Open Club

The second new release from the Montecristo Open range of cigars. Again like the larger Open cigars they are slightly milder than the original classic Montecristo. Ring Size: 22 Length: 3.8 Shape: Cigarillo Strength: 3

Montecristo Puritos 5 Cigars

Ring Size: 27 Length: 4.3 Shape: Cigarillo Strength: 3

Partagas Culebras Cigars

Ring Size : 39 Shape : Double Corona Strength : 3 Length : 5.7

Partagas Mini 20 Cigars

Ring Size: 19 Length: 2.2 Shape: Cigarillo Strength: 3

Partagas Serie Club

The the smaller cigars from Partagas , is the serie club. They have been produced with the same tobacco used in the larger vitolas from the Partagas brand. There are 20 in a box and can be stored for easy convenience in your pocket. Ring Size: 22 Length: 3.8 Shape: Cigarillo Strength: 3

Romeo Y Julieta Mini Cigars

Ring Size: 19 Length: 2.2 Shape: Cigarillo Strength: 3